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Rich Snippets

09/25/2018 12:00 AM by Admin in Google

A snippet is a result Google shows to the user in the search results.

When you use structured statistics to mark up content material, you help Google higher recognize its context for show in seek, and you obtain better distribution of your content to users from seek. You do that by way of marking up content houses and enabling moves where applicable. This makes it eligible for inclusion in rich consequences. For some content material sorts, it lets in users to engage directly with your content material right from search.

Some Tips for Rich Snippets;

You can introduce some information of your site to google as seen in the following codes.


<div class="vcard" align="left" style="float:none">
<span class="fn org">Smart SEO</span>
<div class="adr">
<span class="street-address">Write Your Adress Here</span>,
<span class="locality">Write Your Locality</span>,
<span class="region">Your Region</span>.
<span class="geo">
<span class="latitude">
<span class="value-title" title="50.925519,29"/>
<span class="longitude">
<span class="value-title" title="39.136205"/>
Phone: <span class="tel">(216) 305 10 00 </span>
<span class="tel">(212) 211 11 11</span>
<span class="category"><a href="">Website SEO</a></span>,
<span class="category"><a href="">Wordpress SEO</a></span>,
<span class="category"><a href="">Plagiarism Checker</a></span>,

<div align="left" style="width:100px;"><a href="" rel="author">Web Star</a> </div>